Love Birds Wall Hanging



Hand-ground steel forefront and copper background

Sealed for durability to prevent rust and scratching

Twine for hanging

9 x 5 in.

We just had to incorporate birds into our Valentine's Day collection--love birds, of course! We originally considered selling these wall-hangings as "metal gift cards", the perfect way to show a loved one how much you care on Valentine's Day--or any other day for that matter. However, you can use them for just about anything: to dress up a mantle, hang them over a bed, across a door, over a window, or even as party decorations (wedding season is fast approaching!).

These hangings are a bit rustic looking--the edges will have a blue-ish/grey tint from being cut out by torch, and will inevitably have at least one "start and finish" mark where the cut began and/or stopped. We think this adds to their character and we hope you think the same!

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